The Indian pharmaceutical industry is the third largest in terms of volume, and 13th in terms of value. The sector is growing at 14 per cent per annum The Indian pharmaceutical sector is expected to grow five-fold in the next seven years to reach Rs. 5 lakh crore, as per government estimates. Indian pharmaceuticals market is expected to grow to US$ 55 bn in 2015 and has a potential to reach US$ 70 bn by 2020 becoming globally competitive and building India as a global provider of quality medicines at reasonable prices Besides the domestic market, Indian pharma companies also have a large chunk of their revenues coming from exports. While some are focusing on the generics market in the US, Europe and semi-regulated markets, others are focusing on custom manufacturing for innovator companies. Biopharmaceuticals is also increasingly becoming an area of interest given the complexity in manufacture and limited competition. In this sector we have been handling mandates such as GM / Manager Purchase/Material Management/Instrumentation/QA /QC, Brand Manager, Manager OTC National Regional Sales Manager , Account Manager etc.

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