Automibiles & Auto-Components

Revised Summary
Rising disposable incomes and attractive finance options have driven demand for the automobile sector in India over the last couple of decades. India is being deemed as one of the world’s fastest growing passenger car markets and second largest two wheeler manufacturer. Global and Indian manufacturers are focusing their efforts to develop innovative products, technologies and supply chains.
The recent global meltdown and rising fuel prices have been a hindrance to growth. Nevertheless, with the government focus on manufacturing assuming a priority, the industry is set to recover and generate significant employment in the long run.
Our specialists at Ingenuity have assisted some of the most respected brands in the automotive sector. Our expertise spans across functions such as product/design engineering, technical training, purchase and maintenance, safety, tech support, sales, corporate communications and PR. Ingenuity consultants have established robust relationships with Indian and global automotive companies seeking to fill their leadership gaps across senior levels of management.
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